Lisa Lystam Family Band

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Samstag den 12. Oktober 2019 um 20.00 Uhr in der Ulmenhofschule in Kellinghusen

Karten im Vorverkauf 21,-€, und an der Abendkasse 23,-€

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Lisa Lystam Family Band


Es ist fünf Jahre her, als die damals 20-jährige Lisa Lystam als Newcomer in der schwedischen Szene auftauchte wie aus dem Nichts. Wie ein Lauffeuer verbreitete sich die Nachricht über das herausragende Talent der jungen Bluessängerin! Das weltweit älteste Bluesmagazin „Jefferson“ nennt sie „die neue schwedische Sensation!“ Und in der Tat war es sensationell, dass sich die Lisa Lystam Family Band bereits im Folgejahr nach ihrer Gründung auf nahezu jedem schwedischen Festival wiederfand und insgesamt weit über 80 Konzerte in 2014 spielte.  

Nun haben die sympathische Schwedin und ihre Jungs ihre ersten internationalen Abenteuer hinter sich. Die Teilnahme an der Europäischen Blues Challenge 2015 war nur der Anfang. In 2016 konnte die Band mit gleich 4(!) Konzerten beim Notodden Bluesfestival in Norwegen einen Ritterschlag für sich verbuchen. Es ist eines der Festivals in Europa, denen eine bedeutende internationale Strahlkraft im Blues zukommt. In Deutschland konnte Lisa in ihrer Premiere Saison 2016 auf 21 Konzerten derart überzeugen, dass sie in 2017 mehrere Headliner Slots auf deutschen Jazz und Bluesfestivals gespielt hat. In September 2019 wird ein neues Album erscheinen. Im Herbst 2019 ist eine umfangreiche Clubtour geplant.  

"It's not every time I jump out of my shoes, but when I saw Lisa for the first time, it was close" - Jefferson Blues Magazine


As a summer gift, their third album will soon land to brighten up autumn in a golden shine.
Swedish LISA LYSTAM FAMILY BAND gives us a down-to-earth, yet uplifting feeling. In addition, the singer has a voice that is absolutely amazing. No fake, only natural, which could describe the overall experience of the new material as well.
The group started out as a trio, but took its final form six years ago, when an EP was also released. Following year came the debut album "When Money's Runnin' Out". Gigs were made at many festivals and events, including participating in the European blues challenge 2015.
Next work, "Give You Everything", was presented 2016. After that an intensive tour continued through Scandinavia and Europe. Last year they slowed down the tempo, to collect new energy. During this short pause “III” was born, which I now will take a closer look at.

Former world champion in harmonica, Mikael Fall, quited after the previous one. However, Lisa Lystam masters this instrument just fine herself. She does not let it take over, instead it becomes a cool extra spice, just as I have seen live. "Can I Get A Little" is a good example of that, but is found in several other songs too.

A couple of duets appear, such as "High Expectations". The male singer is nobody less than one of the guitarists, Fredrik Karlsson. Mentioned melody has a slightly cheerful feeling of the sixties over it, mixed with a touch of countryblues from the seventies. A nice rhythm will fill you with joy from both Patrik Thelins drumming and Johan Sunds playful bass tones. Exhilarated guitar loops, played by Karlsson and Matte Gustafsson, embrace you with a smile. The phenomenal interaction between Fredrik and Matte can be heard especially in "Crying Through The Day".

"I Can't Hold You" automatically makes my body swing slowly. A tune that grabs and catches the listener. A fantastic song with a real bluesfeeling. I miss, or at least wish for, more compositions like this one.
Absolutely brilliant "Glory" leaves all emotions outside the body and you float away to Lisas voice. She really knows how to use it. This piece caught me right from the start, but then grows even stronger and stronger. The total impression is outstanding. It goes like an intense, but beautiful nerve throughout the entire song. When hearing it a third time I was moved to tears.

I have been looking forward to "III" and am not disappointed. The first half has many variations, which makes it exciting. The other half is more leveled, but still maintains the quality.
The band has fun, with jamming along the way, here and there. They have an own sound that is interesting, soothing, pleasant, which is comforting, hopeful and you then long for more. To sum it all up, I say energizing in a relaxed way. LISA LYSTAM FAMILY BAND is not only as good as they sound, live they are even better.

Tomorrow when I wake up I will listen to "Get Out Of Bed", with its groovy sound and slide guitar, where clear tones are followed by cool riffs. Lystams strong vocals, along with the wonderful music, will make me jump out of bed and dance around until I wake up completely. Meanwhile I am gonna think "this is going to be a good day". (Anna)

(Cover artwork by Adrian Pettersson.)


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